Keynote Topics

All Keynote Presentations are Custom Designed to Meet the Specific Goals of Each Event.
They are Known for Engaging, Educating, and Energizing All Types of Audiences

Master Class Leadership: Flexibility, Adaptability, Agility Management

According to FORTUNE Magazine, you have to possess 2 characteristics to survive in this millennium. Those two characteristics are flexibility and adaptability. Because if you are rigid you will break and relationships will break due to that rigidity. In this thought-provoking keynote, you will discover the 10 characteristics of the best leaders and how to incorporate them into your leadership style in a unique, consistent and powerful way. You will also discover how to build greater trust, develop a self-managed team that prospers.

“Your participation was instrumental in making the MDRT Annual Meeting a wonderful experience.”

-Million Dollar Round Table


Making the Best Even Better: Motivating Yourself and Others to Greater Heights

To make the best even better, involves making minor changes for major impact. In this dynamic, and entertaining keynote, you will learn meaningful and memorable, tangible tips on new ways to be more self-managed, productive, and motivated. You will leave with an instant perspective and behavior change, and new skills to sustain it.


“Seldom, if ever, have I seen an audience respond so positively to such an intensive, intelligent presentation.”

– Parade Publications

Secret Weapon Selling: How to Have Your Best Year Ever!

Secret Weapons Selling involves discovering innovative questions, listening intently and strategic aligning to close more sales sooner. Joy Baldridge went out in the field with scores of top sales professionals from vast variety of industries and compiled insights and tangible takeaways you can immediately use to up your game and have your best year ever! You can achieve more win/win outcomes as a direct result of this presentation. You will learn better ways to question, present, negotiate, and close more lucrative deals. This is the perfect keynote for regional or national sales meetings or for new product kickoff events. The secret is examining your current sales strategy and incorporating the Golden Nuggets or useful ideas from this energizing and engaging keynote.

“Maintaining a positive attitude with Joy’s Golden Nuggets has caused revenue to rise beyond our wildest expectations.”

-Golf Management

Success with Less Stress: How to Function in Disaster and Finish in Style

“Got Stress?” This keynote will help.  In this highly interactive, educational and insightful session you will learn what causes the stress that you frequently experience and how to instantly alleviate it.  Stress is often triggered by demands that you place on yourself and that others place on you.  Discover how the 4-4-6, Purple Breaks, Flooding and Positive Ogive can help you handle any situation better. Learn how to bounce back from adversity by reversing your thoughts and actions.  Learn the secrets to greater confidence, well-being, and how to thrive, not just survive in your work and life.”

“Joy’s innovative ideas and energetic presentation made a great contribution to the success of our meeting!”

-Travel+Leisure Magazine


Velvet Hammer Communication

Velvet Hammer words are velvety smooth, kind and accommodating, yet pack a punch and get results, and lead to better critical conversations, persuasion and action, while minimizing conflict and discord. Since words are containers of power,  Joy Baldridge provides you with carefully selected words, phrases and questions to be better planned, not canned when interacting with your team, customers, and co-workers. These rapport building phrases also make positive connections and strengthen moral, productivity, and revenue.

“Joy provided us with the words that have enhanced our skills and have become a part of our culture.  She makes people think, provides useful ideas and really sincerely cares.”

-Hudson Valley Bank


Targeting Your Time for Tangible Results: How to Gain 5-10 Hours a Week

Reclaim your time by discovering innovative and proven ways to recover from interruptions faster, focus on priorities better, reduce stress sooner and even delegate and celebrate more! See first had how you can instantly apply and benefit from Joy’s signature time and priority Golden Nuggets.

“No one gives you back your time like Joy Baldridge.”

– Hearst Magazines International


The Joy Experience

The Joy Experience is designed to bring more joy and optimism to your world.  In this engaging, energizing and highly interactive session you will learn how to see problems and obstacles with new eyes.  You will understand how to sustain a positive attitude regardless of circumstances and situations.  Joy shares how to approach work and life with a consistent and relatable positive outlook that yields heightened productivity and strengthened relationships. You will discover the four core human emotions that drive and, potentially, sabotage success.

“Nobody speaks about over coming obstacles, positive lifestyle and seeing the joy better than Joy Baldridge!”

-Hart Media Technologies


How the Best Communicate Better

“Can You Hear Me Now?”– Communication that gets results!  Enhance the comfort level, effectiveness and sophistication in the way you communicate.  Take the edge off potentially awkward interpersonal interactions.  Acquire new words to persuade.  In this dynamic session you will learn how to clearly get your message across and understand what is being communicated to you both verbally and nonverbally.  There is nothing like clear communication to enhance productivity and foster good relationships internally and externally.

“Joy’s energy, wealth of knowledge, and practical tips were exactly what our conference attendees needed. Joy was the perfect speaker for our event. She will be fondly remembered as we strive to be more “Flexible and Adaptable.”

-University Event Planners