Secret Weapon Sales Training

Making the Best, Even Better:
Successful Sales Techniques and Strategies on Prospecting, Navigating the Sale, Positioning to Build Stronger Relationships, Objection Handling, and Closing to Win More Business

This engaging, innovative and informative seminar is for anyone who wants to take their sales skills to the next level of excellence. Joy Baldridge will share her secrets on how to increase sales revenue and have fun doing it.There will be an abundance of tangible takeaways you can immediately apply to directly increase sales.  In this session you will learn:

What it Takes to Have Your Best Sales Year Ever

  • Discover the 10 guiding principles for sales success.
  • Learn the “velvet hammer” words, phrases and questions that are natural, persuasive and lead to more activity, prospects, and sales.
  • Understand the core perception of your clients and potential clients.

The Art of Persuasion

  • Discover the 4 distinct buyer types and how to influence their decisions.
  • Uncover hot buttons to close more sales.
  • Utilize better ways to connect with each buyer type by speaking their “language”

Innovative Listening, Strategic Questioning & Closing

  • Discover 5 new ways to seize more sales opportunities.
  • Benchmark your listening skills:
  • Take the Listening Quiz.
  • Innovative Questioning – a strategic sales approach.
  • Discover how to choreograph questions to uncover and align interests, values and variables.
  • Learn new questions that further the likelihood of sales success.
  • Adopt and adapt natural pre-closing and closing questions.
  • Handle objections and close.